Modern Equipment for Home and Industrial Production of Wine, Beer ... - With Knowledge and Technology to Success 


Knowledge and technology are fundamental resources that underpin the performance and competitiveness of modern companies. The high technological level of organization and business functioning in general is basic requirement for improvement and competitive existence of every company. Due to the complexity and dynamic development of modern technologies most of small and medium companies lack the necessary resources for continuous improvement and implementation of modern technological solutions.

Most companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to a variety of circumstances during the last twenty years, suffer a significant technological disadvantage comparing to the modern European companies. Our aim is to offer the best and modern solutions in this area to local companies and institutions, through our own development and technology transfer by using the European experience and partner network.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of organizational, institutional, financial and legal framework of business, quality management system, the functioning of productive company and knowledge of modern information technologies are the basis to believe that we can offer solutions for business improvement to majority of domestic companies and institutions. 

We realize projects independently or with partners in following areas:


  • Machine design services and production of technical documentation upon customer requirements.
  • CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) services.
  • Designing and manufacturing machines and equipment for industrial and individual use. We recommend stainless steel equipment for the wine industry, beer industry and milk industry.
  • Service Quality Management System.
  • Consultant services in the field of organizing, planning and production management.
  • Consultant services for procurement of machinery and equipment.
  • Consultant services in the field of technical regulations such as CE marking, pressure vessels, the technical security measures etc.
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