Modern IT Solutions Fully Adjusted to Your Needs - Optimize Your Resources for Maximum Business Results


During the last twenty years information technology have found wide application in all aspects of social and business life and thus became an indispensable part of modern society. Wide implementation of information technologies in the institutions of society as well as in all business processes contributes significantly to the quality of life and therefore to productivity and competitiveness of economic entities. Selection of appropriate IT solutions, and their incorporation into the financial structure of the business, is the goal of every company

Regarding the implementation of modern information technology, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a big delay comparing to most European countries, both social and business sectors. That has a large and direct impact on competitiveness and productivity of domestic companies and the quality of social life in general.

Our aim is to offer the best and modern solutions in this area to local companies and institutions, through our own development and technology transfer by using the European experience and partner network.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of organizational, institutional, financial and legal framework of business, quality management system, the functioning of productive company and knowledge of modern information technologies are the basis to believe that we can offer solutions for business improvement to majority of domestic companies and institutions. 


We realize projects independently or with partners in following areas:

  • Design, development and implementation of information sub-systems for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), PM (Project Management), PP (Production Planning), SM (Service Management), and others.
  • Design, development and implementation of integrated information systems - ERP.
  • Processing of data on all DBMS (Database Management System) systems.
  • Automation in the field of CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing) - ERP (Company Resource Planning) integration.
  • Internet domain registration, web presentations and web portals.
  • Hosting of Web sites and portals.
  • Creating a desktop and Web applications on demand.
  • Programming services per customer requirements.
  • Consultant services in the field of information technology.
  • Maintenance of information systems and equipment etc.
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